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Duplicate Cleaner Pro

Windows Only


Duplicate Cleaner Pro Overview

Duplicate Cleaner Pro is the ultimate duplicate photo removal application for professional photo organizers!

Start with Search Criteria and select from many powerful matching options. When duplicate groups are displayed in results, you can set preferences and use filters to determine which photos should be removed. 

I’ve been working with Duplicate Cleaner Pro since early 2021, and due to my efforts, many great new features have been added—features I know pro photo organizers need to make duplicate photo and video removal faster and more accurate. 

Duplicate removal is a critical and time-consuming part of digital photo organizing projects.  Duplicate Cleaner Pro may be complicated, but it’s well worth mastering. 

If you’re a Mac user, you’ll want to get a PC (or install Parallels) after you see the demo I am planning! 

Duplicate Cleaner Pro Features

Search Criteria for photos includes matching by:

  • Image Similarity – from Exact Match to Ignore.
  • Date/Time taken – including sub-seconds.
  • Keywords, Title, Rating, & Caption.
  • Latitude & Longitude
  • Filename – including ‘copy’ suffix options.
  • Folder name.
  • File type & file extension.
  • Dimensions.
  • And many other criteria.

In the Scan Location tab, you can:

  • Choose folders to include or exclude.
  • Protect folder contents.
  • Specify that duplicates found must be in another folder.
  • Specify that duplicates found must be in the same folder.
  • Choose to look for duplicates in archive/zipped folders.
  • And more

In the Duplicate Files tab, use the Selection Assistant to help you choose which files to remove based on:

  • Metadata – including Keywords, Title, Rating, & Caption.
  • File size & dimensions.
  • Date/Time taken.
  • Folder name and location.
  • Length of filename, folder path.
  • Folder depth.
  • Combining the properties listed above – and many other properties not listed.

When removing files, they can be:

  • Moved to a folder you select.
  • Sent to the Recycle bin or deleted.
  • Renamed before being moved.

And it keeps getting better with every update!

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Mac Only


PhotoSweeper Overview

PhotoSweeper is the only duplicate removal application that can access photos and videos in Apple Photos libraries. 

It can also access photos in Capture One libraries and Lightroom Classic catalogs. Of course, if photos are stored in folders on an internal or external drive and not in a library or catalog, those folders can be compared too.

PhotoSweeper is definitely the most powerful de-duping application for Mac, and is the overwhelming choice for Mac-based professional photo organizers.  

PhotoSweeper Features

Select Compare and choose to look for either:

  • Duplicates – indentical files.
  • Similar Photos – non-identical duplicates
  • Series of Shots.

Similar Photos can be compared based on their Histograms or Bitmaps (which compares pixels) as well as:

  • Size
  • Aspect ratio
  • Format
  • Match level of filename
  • Match level of image – from partial to exact

Before PhotoSweeper compares the photos in the Libraries or folders selected, you can set rules in Preferences that tell Photo Sweeper which photo or photos in a group of duplicates to Auto Mark for removal.

In Preferences, There are 27 different Rules to choose from, and the rules you choose can be placed in order of priority. Here are a just a few of the rules available:

  • Album – mark the file in an Album or not in an Album
  • Favorite – mark the file that is a Favorite or is not a Favorite
  • Capture Date – Mark by earlier or later Capture Date
  • Keywords – mark the file with Keywords or without Keywords
  • Folder Path – mark based on alphabetical order or length of folder path




Mac & Windows



dupeGuru Overview

dupeGuru is a fast, dependable de-duping application for Mac and Windows.

While it has limited features, it is most useful for identifying duplicates when one does not need to compare other metadata that may be present, such as Keywords, Ratings, and Captions.

dupeGuru Features

In Picture Mode, results columns include the following file properties and metadata:

  • Filename
  • Folder
  • Exif Timestamp
  • Size
  • Kind (file type)
  • Dimensions
  • Modification (date)
  • Match %
  • Dupe Count