Digital Photo Organizing

Best Practices

File Gathering Best Practices

Using File Explorer to Locate Files on a PC

When gathering files from a client’s Windows PC, photos and videos are likely to be found in the system default Pictures and Videos libraries: It’s vital to find and gather all your clients’ photos and videos, but your client’s photos and videos may be stored in other locations on the PC. Preserving Information about your Client’s Files Using Search in File Explorer is very helpful for locating...

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File Gathering to Preserve Filenames

Duplicate removal is an important and challenging task in all digital photo organizing projects. When you take steps to preserve filenames when gathering files from your client’s Sources, duplicate removal will be a little less complicated. Duplicate Cleaner Pro (by Digital Volcano) is the top duplicate removal application for Windows. PhotoSweeper (by Overmacs) is the top choice for Mac. Both...

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