File Gathering to Preserve Filenames

by | 2022-06-02

Duplicate removal is an important and challenging task in all digital photo organizing projects.

When you take steps to preserve filenames when gathering files from your client’s Sources, duplicate removal will be a little less complicated.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro (by Digital Volcano) is the top duplicate removal application for Windows. PhotoSweeper (by Overmacs) is the top choice for Mac. Both have an extensive variety of settings and preferences for finding duplicate photos.

Filename Settings in Duplicate Removal Applications

Duplicate Cleaner Pro and PhotoSweeper both include settings for comparing files based on filenames:

Cameras re-use filenames, so two photos with the same filename are not guaranteed to be duplicates. However, by using additional duplicate removal settings or preferences, you’ll be able to mark files for removal with more confidence.

Gathering Files into Source Folders

Gathering files into a unique, top-level folder for each Source on your Hub EHD is the essential first step in preserving filenames.

When a client has photos and videos stored in many different Sources, it is very likely that there will be folders with the same names in different Sources, and those folders will contain files with the same names.

If folders with the same names and contents are copied from different Sources into the same folder on your Hub EHD, the folders will be merged, and matching filenames of newly added files will changed. They will be appended with (1), or Copy, or another suffix depending on the software and the system you are using.

To preserve filenames, create a top-level folder on your Hub EHD for each Source you gather files from. Copy folder from each Source to its Source folder on your Hub EHD: