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Meet Meg

I believe in questioning what I learn, instead of accepting things as fact.

I believe in testing applications instead of assuming they work as promised.

I believe in continuous learning and continuous improvement.

Before I became a photo organizer, I ran my own business, worked as an office administrator, and did freelance technical communications work. For those various roles, I had to teach myself a lot of different software. I love challenges, and luckily, I’m good at figuring things out by myself.

A very influential experience for me was working on the Home Depot Canada product database for a year. That database included million of items, and each item had information (data) in many different fields. There were fields for everything imaginable—from lightbulb wattage to floor tile measurements.

I enjoyed (yes, really) sorting, filtering, and editing data in Home Depot’s online database and in Excel spreadsheets. I became very skilled at working with large amounts of data.

When I discovered photo organizing in 2015, I immediately recognized that working with photos and their metadata is much like working with a product database. While digital photo organizing does involve viewing photos, file management and working with data is the biggest part of the job.

I started researching, testing, and comparing photo organizing software and methods long before I decided to create this website for sharing my knowledge with current and aspiring professional photo organizers.

I believe you will learn a lot here.

Meg Macintyre

About Photo Organizing Stuff

The purpose of Photo Organizing Stuff is to help professional photo organizers and photo managers be more successful by providing information to help them work more accurately, thoroughly, and efficiently.

Accurate and complete information about software and methods for organizing digital photo and video collections is scarce. Correct information about metadata is even more difficult to find. If this is your career, don’t you want to know the facts? Don’t you want to see the data?

Trust must be earned, and I want to earn your trust by delivering excellent information backed up by evidence.

This website will include comparisons, demonstrations, and test results of applications and methods commonly used (and not so commonly used) by pro photo organizers.

Meg’s Bytes blog is free for anyone to read. Try a Free membership to see articles with more detailed information. To access in-depth technical content, a paid membership is required.

Hire Meg to Organize Your Collection!

While my focus is on creating resources and courses for professional photo organizers, I do still take on some challenging digital photo organizing projects for clients—projects that will allow me to test new methods and improve the Megabyte Method workflow.

So, in case people other than professional photo organizers might read this: Do you have a large and/or complex photo and video collection (200,000+ files) you want expertly organized?

I prefer to work with clients located within 200 km of Toronto, Canada. Please contact me.