Undated Photos Part 2: Identifying Undated Photos

Undated Photos Part 2 Identifying Undated Photos

How do you identify Undated photos in your clients’ digital photo and video collections? If you’ve read the article “Undated Photos Part 1 – The Unseen Menace”, you know there may be many more than you previously realized!

No professional photo organizer or photo manager should be delivering a digital collection to a client that includes Undated photos – unless they are identified as such and separated from the main collection.

This article and the corresponding video examine if and how one can identify Undated photos using: Directory Opus, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Bridge, Mylio, Finder, File Explorer, Apple Photos and Photo Mechanic.

Undated Photos Part 1: The Unseen Menace

Undated Photos Part 2

Undated Photos are a menace! There have been Undated photos in every digital collection I have ever organized.

If you have never identified and separated out Undated photos in your clients’ collections, you probably don’t realize how abundant they are. They are difficult to identify using applications commonly used by professional photo organizers. They are difficult to separate out while preserving folder names that may include dates or date clues. It is difficult to find dated versions of Undated photos with many duplicate removal applications. If not found, they will be displayed by the Date Created or Date Modified in the client’s organized collection.

Photo Dates and Terminology – An Introduction

Metadata Feature 01

If you’re a professional photo organizer or photo manager, it’s essential to understand photo dates.

Unfortunately, most professional photo organizers have been exposed to misinformation about photo date metadata in courses, webinars, blog posts, and YouTube videos. A great deal of that misinformation is a result of misuse and misunderstanding of terminology like Capture Date and Date Taken.
Different software and different systems use different photo date terminology. In this article, I will provide a little bit of information about photo dates, but I will focus on explaining the terminology that is commonly used, and that is commonly misunderstood.