Undated Photos Part 2: Identifying Undated Photos

Undated Photos Part 2 Identifying Undated Photos

How do you identify Undated photos in your clients’ digital photo and video collections? If you’ve read the article “Undated Photos Part 1 – The Unseen Menace”, you know there may be many more than you previously realized!

No professional photo organizer or photo manager should be delivering a digital collection to a client that includes Undated photos – unless they are identified as such and separated from the main collection.

This article and the corresponding video examine if and how one can identify Undated photos using: Directory Opus, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Bridge, Mylio, Finder, File Explorer, Apple Photos and Photo Mechanic.

Cisdem Duplicate Finder & Duplicate Cleaner Pro: A Comparison

Cisdem Duplicate Cleaner Pro Comparison

It is challenging to compare Cisdem Duplicate Finder and Duplicate Cleaner Pro. Though they are used for the same purpose, they work very differently, have a very different user interfaces, and have very different options for Scan Criteria and for selecting duplicates to remove.

This article and the corresponding video are an overview only and do not cover all aspects of the applications. I will attempt to offer as fair and equal a comparison as is possible.

Why I Use Directory Opus Pro Part 1: Viewing Files and Their Metadata

Why I Use Directory Opus Pro Part 1

Directory Opus Pro is a file management application for PC and is highly customizable. It is the application I rely on most when organizing digital photo and video collections, yet most professional photo organizers have never tried it.

The main reason I have chosen to use Directory Opus Pro for many digital photo and video organizing tasks is that I can access important metadata about the files I am organizing. Being able to access many different metadata fields is essential to an accurate and efficient workflow.