Mastering Digital Photo Organizing Part 1: Preserving Information

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The ability to preserve information in a client’s photo and video collection is essential to mastering digital organizing.

Even if your client has not added any metadata or meaningful folder names to their collection (or has but does not want or need to keep it) preserving certain information can help you organize digital collections more accurately, thoroughly, and efficiently.

If a client of yours needs information preserved and understands that the project will take a little bit longer and cost a little bit more, would you be up to the challenge? If you want to be considered a master digital organizer, you must be up to the challenge.

What Does it Take to Master Digital Photo Organizing?

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This is the first article in a series about what it takes to master organizing digital photo and video collections.

Mastery requires knowledge, skill, experience, and the right applications. Only those who understand metadata and who use applications that enable them to do tasks accurately and thoroughly can become masters and deliver expertly organized collections to their clients.

Is Photo Organizing Stuff Right For You?

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Do you want to organize digital collections more accurately? Do you want to organize digital collections more thoroughly? Do you want to organize digital collections more profitably? Are you willing to consider new software and methods? Are you thinking of becoming a professional photo organizer? If you answered yes to those questions, Photo Organizing Stuff is right for you!

What to Expect at Photo Organizing Stuff

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Photo Organizing Stuff articles and videos will cover a wide range of topics of interest and importance to professional photo organizers and photo managers, but the focus will be on the technical aspects of organizing digital photo and video collections. If you are looking for assistance and advice about starting or managing a photo organizing business, you will not find it here!

There will be content relevant to both Mac and PC users. You’ll learn about applications for Mac only, applications for PC only, and applications that are available for both operating systems. There will be a great deal of content focused on examining the results of the extensive software testing I do so that you can reach your own conclusions about the applications and methods you want to use.

Why I Created Photo Organizing Stuff

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I created Photo Organizing Stuff to provide current and aspiring professional photo organizers and photo managers with the high-quality technical information and courses they need to organize digital photo and video collections accurately and thoroughly and be successful in their photo organizing business.

But more importantly, I created Photo Organizing Stuff because clients of photo organizers deserve to have their digital collections expertly organized.

There are courses, podcasts, YouTube videos, webinars, blogs, forums, and Facebook groups where one can find information about the technical aspects of digital photo organizing. Unfortunately, most, if not all, contain factual errors and misinformation. Due to the abundance of such information, many technical themes continue to be misunderstood. If you are doubtful or disagree with that bold statement, I’m not surprised. It can be difficult to accept that not everything you have read, heard, or been taught is correct.

The Photo Organizing Stuff Website Is Live!

My Website Is Live V2

I decided to take the website live even though there is not much content on it right now. I had hoped to go live before the end of 2023, but my broken index finger slowed me down.

Since January 1st, 2024, a couple of professional photo organizers have launched new courses, and The Photo Managers has introduced a new membership level: Photo Manager in Training. Now more than ever, it is important that current and aspiring professional photo organizers and photo managers have access to diverse sources of technical information about digital photo organizing and metadata.