Photo Dates and Terminology – An Introduction

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Different software and different systems use different photo date terminology. In this article, I will provide a little bit of information about photo dates, but I will focus on explaining the terminology that is commonly used, and that is commonly misunderstood.

If you’re a professional photo organizer or photo manager, it’s essential to understand photo dates. Unfortunately, most professional photo organizers have been exposed to misinformation about photo date metadata in courses, webinars, blog posts, and YouTube videos. A great deal of that misinformation is a result of misuse and misunderstanding of terminology like Capture Date and Date Taken.

Mastering Digital Photo Organizing Part 1: Preserving Information

The ability to preserve information in a client’s photo and video collection is essential to mastering digital organizing. Even if your client has not added any metadata or meaningful folder names to their collection (or has but does not want or need to keep it) preserving certain information can help you organize digital collections more accurately, thoroughly, and efficiently.
If a client of yours needs information preserved and understands that the project will take a little bit longer and cost a little bit more, would you be up to the challenge? If you want to be considered a master digital organizer, you must be up to the challenge.