Mastering Digital Photo Organizing Part 1: Preserving Information

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The Importance of Preserving Information

The ability to preserve information in a client’s photo and video collection is essential to mastering digital organizing. Even if your client has not added any metadata or meaningful folder names to their collection (or has but does not want or need to keep it) preserving certain information can help you organize digital collections more accurately, thoroughly, and efficiently.

If a client of yours needs information preserved and understands that the project will take a little bit longer and cost a little bit more, would you be up to the challenge? If you want to be considered a master digital organizer, you must be up to the challenge.

Mastering preservation of information requires knowledge, skill, experience, and the right applications. When removing duplicates, you need to be able to see and compare important information including Snap Date metadata and added metadata, but that information is not visible in all de-duping software. If you can’t see important information, preserving information will be very challenging and time-consuming.

What is Information?

In the context of digital photo and video organizing, information means a few different things, and includes the EXIF metadata added by the capture device, metadata added by your client, folder names, filenames, Album or Collection names, and more.

I use the term ‘meaningful information’ for any information the client has added, as well as any information that may help me organize the collection accurately and thoroughly. For example, a date in a folder name can help me add dates to photos or videos if any files in that folder are Undated.

Not all information a client has added may be truly meaningful to them by the time they seek the help of a photo organizer, so one step in my workflow involves making a list of meaningful folder names and asking the client if any of that information is no longer worth preserving.

Is it Difficult to Preserve Information Added by Clients?

Preserving all meaningful information that a client wants preserved is possible but does add a little bit of time to any digital project.

With the right software and skills, preserving information can be done efficiently. There is no reason to tell a client that you can’t preserve it all.

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