The Megabyte Method

Mastering Digital Photo Organizing

I believe that the software and methods used by most professional photo organizers are inadequate for organizing digital photo and video collections accurately, thoroughly, and efficiently.

The Megabyte Method is the result of many years of researching, experimenting, and testing different software, methods, and workflows. Every aspect of the Megabyte Method has been developed to help professional photo organizers work smarter, not harder, and be more successful.

Megabyte Method Mentorship Program

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Do you want to do a better job for your clients? Do you want to earn more and take your business to the next level?  

The mentorship program focuses on digital photo and video organizing and includes instruction, one-on-one support, and a configuration file for Directory Opus Pro that includes over 70 filters, presets, Jscript commands, and ExifTool commands I created for performing photo and video organizing tasks.

There is an application process for those who want to join the Megabyte Method Mentorship Program.

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The Right Software is Essential

Mastery of digital photo and video organizing is only possible with applications that allow you to view, sort, and filter by important metadata fields that are difficult to access in most applications—like Exif DateTimeOriginal for photos and Media Created date for some video formats.

The Megabyte Method relies on Directory Opus 13, and Duplicate Cleaner Pro. These applications allow one to work with essential file properties and metadata. They are for Windows PCs only.

I have customized Directory Opus 13 by adding over 70 filters, presets, Jscript commands, and ExifTool commands for performing photo and video organizing tasks.

Kind Words

Megabyte Method Phases

1: Project Preparation & Planning

Before an estimate or quote can be created, project scope must be defined. Only by asking your client questions about their digital photo and video collection before the files are gathered will you both have an idea of what will be involved.

Thorough project preparation and planning protects both you and your client from misunderstandings and disagreements. It also ensures you understand what needs to be done to meet your clients’ needs and goals.

2: File Gathering

The goal is to gather only the photos and videos your client may want included in their organized collection. Knowing what file types to look for and what files to avoid gathering is critical. 

If your client has added information to their photos and videos in the form of meaningful folder names, filenames, album/collection names and metadata, they will likely want that information preserved. Preserving that information when gathering files is faster and more accurate than working with your client to add that information later.

How files are gathered has a big impact on later tasks. Preserving folder structure and folder names helps with duplicate removal also.

With Directory Opus 13, one can select files from many different folders, copy them, and recreate the folder structure in the destination.

3: File Management

File Management tasks are designed to make later tasks—like duplicate removal—go more smoothly. The more complex the collection, the more File Management tasks will help you work efficiently.

Many of my Directory Opus 13 customizations help with File Management tasks, like finding and separating out photos without an Exif DateTimeOriginal, very short videos, and file types like PNG, BMP and GIF.

File Management tasks can also help you tame complex folder structures.

4: Duplicate Removal

With Duplicate Cleaner Pro

Duplicate removal is the biggest, most difficult, and most time-consuming part of most digital organizing projects.

I have been working with the Duplicate Cleaner Pro developers since early 2021 to help make it the best photo de-duping application by far. I’ve been instrumental in having many features added or changed to better suit the needs of all professional photo organizers.

Only Duplicate Cleaner Pro allows you to set scan criteria and mark files for removal based on many different file properties and metadata fields.

5: Metadata Management

Once duplicates have been removed, Metadata Management tasks begin. When working with metadata, batch actions are the key to working efficiently.

I have added commands to Directory Opus 13 for batch actions like:

  • Adding date metadata to Undated photos or videos by copying the date from the filename.
  • Adding Keywords based on meaningful folder names and filenames.
  • Batch-renaming photos and videos by date and other information – like folder names.

6: Project Completion

Project completion is all about getting the organized collection ready for delivery. There are many decisions you’ll need to make—like whether photos and videos will be combined or if they will be delivered in separate folders.

The agreement you have with your client may dictate some aspects of collection completion and delivery.

Placing files in a folder structure is a big part of getting a collection ready for delivery. I have created nine editable presets in Directory Opus 13 for moving files into a folder structure.

I always recommend creating a collection ‘User Guide’ to help your client navigate and enjoy their collection.