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The Megabyte Method Demonstration Series Part 1: File Gathering

The Megabyte Method is a new approach to organizing digital photo and video collections. It is so different that many people are skeptical of it. So, I decided that the best way to get people’s attention was to record my screen while organizing a collection so that people would be able to watch a video of me working.

This article and the corresponding video include different information, so it is best

About the Megabyte Method Demonstration Collection

The collection I will be working with in the Megabyte Method Demonstration Video Series is a scaled-down version of a large and complex collection I organized for a client a few years ago.

The project specifications are included in this document because without clear specifications, one cannot appreciate the necessity of many project tasks. Specifications are always part of the agreement between myself and my client.

Cisdem Duplicate Finder & Duplicate Cleaner Pro: A Comparison

It is challenging to compare Cisdem Duplicate Finder and Duplicate Cleaner Pro. Though they are used for the same purpose, they work very differently, have a very different user interfaces, and have very different options for Scan Criteria and for selecting duplicates to remove.

This article and the corresponding video are an overview only and do not cover all aspects of the applications. I will attempt to offer as fair and