The Photo Organizing Stuff Website Is Live!

My website, Photo Organizing Stuff, is now live!

I decided to take the website live even though there is not much content on it right now. I had hoped to go live before the end of 2023, but my broken index finger slowed me down.

Since January 1st, 2024, a couple of professional photo organizers have launched new courses, and The Photo Managers has introduced a new membership level: Photo Manager in Training. Now more than ever, it is important that current and aspiring professional photo organizers and photo managers have access to diverse sources of technical information about digital photo organizing and metadata.

Most digital organizing resources and courses—including those offered by a business that has declared itself to be the world’s leading educational community for photo organizers and photo managers—contain, in my opinion, factual errors and misinformation about metadata and digital organizing. Because of that, some early articles and videos will focus on the topics that I believe are most misunderstood. At the top of the list is the subject of photo date metadata.

Many other articles I’ll be publishing early on will be in a category I call, ‘The Wide Angle’. Those articles will include general information of interest to photo organizers. Later, I’ll publish more detailed technical articles.

If you are thinking of becoming a professional photo organizer, or you want to learn new digital photo organizing skills, I encourage you to read the articles and watch the videos on this website before making any decisions about any course you want to take or membership you might purchase.

I don’t expect you to accept the information I provide on the Photo Organizing Stuff website as being correct. My goal is not to say what’s right and what’s wrong, but to tell you or show you how I test software and workflows, reveal my findings, and then let you reach your own conclusions. Ideally, you should do your own testing.

Where to Start?

Please start by reading the Definitions page so that you better understand Photo Organizing Stuff articles and videos. There is a link to that page at the bottom of this and every other article.

I’m not saying you should adopt my definitions and terminology. I just want to make sure you understand the terminology I have chosen to use.

Photo Organizing Stuff is Live on YouTube!

Many articles will have a corresponding video. Some aspects of a topic are easier to show in a video, others are easier to write about. I recommend both reading the article and watching the video if you want to fully understand the topic. Any article that has a corresponding video will include a link to the video.


Technical / Video Note

I am hearing impaired and rely on closed captions when watching TV and for most online video content. However, I have not yet figured out how to add captions to my YouTube videos without them obscuring important parts of the screen recordings. So, if you too rely on captions, I apologize. I will keep trying to figure it out or make transcriptions available.

I also apologize for my lack of experienced creating and editing videos. I am getting better at it, so please try to ignore the quality and focus on the information. Thank you!

© Meg Macintyre, Photo Organizing Stuff