What Does it Take to Master Digital Photo Organizing?

This is the first article in a series about what it takes to master organizing digital photo and video collections.

Mastery requires knowledge, skill, experience, and the right applications. Only those who understand metadata and who use applications that enable them to do tasks accurately and thoroughly can become masters and deliver expertly organized collections to their clients.

In 2022 and 2023, I chose to work on just a few client projects so that I could spend more time refining my digital organizing workflow. While photo organizing cannot be called a science, I use scientific principals to analyze what software does, the impact of organizing tasks, and the order in which tasks are done. The result is the Megabyte Method.

Most professional photo organizers rely on software geared towards the needs of photographers, but I’ve never been satisfied with those applications. In early 2021, I convinced the developers at Duplicate Cleaner Pro (DCP) to add features all photo organizers would benefit from. Later in 2021, I discovered Directory Opus Pro (Opus), a file management application for PC that is very powerful and highly customizable.

By adding an ExifTool plugin to Opus and creating commands, filters, and presets to automate digital organizing tasks, I now have customized software that meets almost all my needs and has allowed me to master digital organizing—and those customizations are shareable! Opus and DCP are an unbeatable combination but are available for PC only. I did not choose them because they are for PC. I chose them because they allow me to access more metadata and work more accurately and efficiently than other applications.

If you want to master digital organizing, it is very important to understand photo and video metadata. But to understand it you need to be able to see many different metadata fields at the same time, sort by many different fields, and filter by many different fields. With the application commonly used for digital photo and video organizing, essential metadata fields are difficult to access.

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Future Topics in the Series will Include:

  • File Gathering
  • File Management
  • Duplicate Removal
  • Photo Metadata
  • Video Metadata

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