What to Expect at Photo Organizing Stuff

Photo Organizing Stuff articles and videos will cover a wide range of topics of interest and importance to professional photo organizers and photo managers, but the focus will be on the technical aspects of organizing digital photo and video collections. If you are looking for assistance and advice about starting or managing a photo organizing business, you will not find it here!

There will be content relevant to both Mac and PC users. You’ll learn about applications for Mac only, applications for PC only, and applications that are available for both operating systems. There will be a great deal of content focused on examining the results of the extensive software testing I do so that you can reach your own conclusions about the applications and methods you want to use.

There is currently no community aspect to Photo Organizing Stuff, but there may be in the future.

Megabyte Method Demonstration Videos

The Megabyte Method is my proprietary system for organizing digital collections. I know many professional organizers believe they are using the best applications and methods available, but the Megabyte Method takes digital organizing to a whole new level.

I have been developing my own workflow for many years, and in 2022 I decided that eventually I would teach others my workflow. In 2023, I started calling it the Megabyte Method.

I know you won’t believe how accurate, thorough, and fast it is until you see it in action, so I am making screen recordings of myself organizing a large and complex digital collection. The videos are edited to protect my proprietary processes, and often sections of the screen are blurred for the same reason. There will be a corresponding article for each demo video section.

No membership is required to view the demonstration videos and read the corresponding articles.

I hope you will decide you need to learn the Megabyte Method and join my mentorship program.

Meg’s Bytes Articles

Meg’s Bytes articles are free, and there is no need to create an account to access them. The articles and videos will include introductory information about the profession in general and about organizing digital collections. Some articles will cover technical concepts and facts about software and metadata, but if you want to see the evidence and learn more, you’ll need to sign up for a Free or Pro membership.

Free Membership Articles

If you want to learn a little more than what the Meg’s Byte’s articles offer, please sign up for a Free, 6-month membership. Free membership articles and videos dig a little deeper and include more technical information than Meg’s Bytes articles.

As I write this, there is only one Free article available, and no videos, but other articles have been drafted, and my goal is to publish a new Free article once a week.

Pro Membership Articles

I hope to have enough content ready by March 2024 to begin offering Premium memberships.

Premium memberships are for those who are serious about their career as a professional photo organizer and want to learn to organize digital collections expertly. Premium membership content will include in-depth analysis, comparisons, and demonstrations of photo organizing concepts, workflows, software, tasks, and metadata. You’ll be shown my testing processes and will be able to examine detailed test results before you make your own decisions about how you want to organize your clients’ digital collections.


Several courses are currently in development. Some courses will cover photo organizing concepts, but most courses will focus on using a specific application for doing various photo organizing tasks or working with metadata. There will be courses for both Mac and PC users.

Megabyte Method Mentorship Program

If you are serious about your career as a photo organizer and you want to tackle digital photo and video organizing projects expertly, I hope you’ll join the Megabyte Method Mentorship Program. 

A start date for the program has not yet been set, but I hope to be ready in March 2024.

The program will consist of courses plus one-on-one virtual meetings to monitor your progress, give advice, and provide feedback.

It’s not right for everyone, so there will be an application process. If you are detail-oriented, technically savvy, and care about doing the best job possible, I hope you’ll apply.

Stay tuned for updates!

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