Why I Created Photo Organizing Stuff

I created Photo Organizing Stuff to provide current and aspiring professional photo organizers and photo managers with the high-quality technical information and courses they need to organize digital photo and video collections accurately and thoroughly and be successful in their photo organizing business.

But more importantly, I created Photo Organizing Stuff because clients of photo organizers deserve to have their digital collections expertly organized.

There are courses, podcasts, YouTube videos, webinars, blogs, forums, and Facebook groups where one can find information about the technical aspects of digital photo organizing. Unfortunately, most, if not all, contain factual errors and misinformation. Due to the abundance of such information, many technical themes continue to be misunderstood. If you are doubtful or disagree with that bold statement, I’m not surprised. It can be difficult to accept that not everything you have read, heard, or been taught is correct.

I encounter more misinformation about photo date metadata than about any other aspect of photo organizing. Knowledge of how photo date metadata is read and written by the applications you use is essential to ensure you deliver a collection to clients that is free of misdated photos.
Spoiler Alert: Capture Date, Date Taken, and EXIF DateTimeOriginal are not the same thing!

In my years as a member of The Photo Managers, I never felt that digital photo organizing topics were being adequately addressed. Because The Photo Managers technical resources and courses did not provide answers to the questions I had, I knew I needed to figure things out for myself.

I frequently expressed my views and reported my findings in forums and Facebook groups, and regularly disagreed with other professional photo organizers. Because those views and findings often went against popularly held beliefs, many reactions were defensive, and few people were interested in having constructive discussions.

What I wrote in forums and Facebook groups was based on extensive testing and research. While I could have posted detailed explanations with screenshots, I decided I had to place a limit on how much of my time and expertise I was willing to volunteer to people who did not seem to be interested in changing their methods or using different applications.

About 90% of what I know about metadata and digital photo organizing is what I figured out myself through extensive research and testing. When my yearly membership to The Photo Managers expired in January of 2023, I decided not to renew it.

In early 2020, I decided that better technical courses and resources were needed and that I would, eventually, take it upon myself to provide that to those who want to do the best job possible for their clients. Since early 2022, I have not worked on many client projects. Instead, I have invested the bulk of my time testing, innovating, and pushing the boundaries of digital photo organizing.

As I wrote in a previous post, I don’t expect you to accept the information I provide on the Photo Organizing Stuff website as being correct. Please examine the evidence shown and consider it carefully before reaching your own conclusions. Ideally, you should do your own testing.

I am proud to launch Photo Organizing Stuff for many reasons, but the most important is so that I can teach pros to do an accurate and thorough job organizing their clients’ digital collections.

This is the start of a long journey, and I hope you’ll join me on it.

© Meg Macintyre, Photo Organizing Stuff